Windamere Horse Haven

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 Available For Adoption

If you are interested in adopting a horse or pony from Windamere, please contact us to discuss your needs. 

We are committed to finding the ideal match between horse and owner, to ensure that our supporters find the horses best suited to them and that our rescues find safe and caring forever homes. 

We encourage you to visit and spend some time the horse you may like to adopt before making your decision and submitting your application. 

Each horse has its own adoption fee, which can increase as its training advances - please just ask.

Adoption Application:


Sophie is an 19yo chestnut thoroughbred mare who is curious about people and loves being around those she trusts. 

She was abandoned on agistment and came to us in 2019.

She is is suitable as a companion only


18yo registered Paint mare. 

She is a special needs horse with equine cushings, which is managed with a tablet each day.

She is a former therapy horse who is very friendly


11yo thoroughbred mare who came to us via the RSPCA in 2020.

She has had a basic start under saddle at a walk and trot.


Blizzard is an approx 10yo arab gelding who was abandoned.

While very nervous when he first came in, he has become a friendly, chatty boy who is easy to get along with.

He is available to adopt as a companion as he has old splint injuries plus a bone chip and mild ringbone in his fetlock, which may well be why he was dumped.


20yo thoroughbred mare who came to us via the RSPCA in 2020.

Very friendly and easy to handle. Companion only.


Annie came to us some time ago to be cared for while the authorities dealt with her case in the courts. She has now had her case finalised and is ready to be adopted!

She is an 11yo thoroughbred mare who is very sweet but does not like change and has trust issues, so we are looking for a home that can continue to build her confidence.

She has been vet assessed for ridden work, but has not had any ridden work undertaken as yet.